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Play at a safe live casino


If you’re going to start playing at a live casino you’re going to want to make sure it’s completely safe. Afterall, it’s your money on the line! Fortunately though you have nothing to worry about as live casinos are well and truly safe places to play. We’ll do more than just give you our word on it though; we’ll also give you a full explanation on what makes them so safe as well. This way you’ll be able to play at safe live casinos with peace of mind.

There’s only one thing you’ll need to do if you want to check that a live casino is safe; and that is look for its gambling license. This will always be clearly displayed at the very bottom of any casino that has one. If they don’t have one then we’d highly recommend that you don’t play at that casino. Almost every casino you run into will have one though; anyone without one gets caught pretty quick and has their site shut down.

Make sure you're on a safe live casino

The reason you’re looking for a gambling license is because this means they’ve had everything about their site tested by the UK gambling commission. This is a branch of the government whose purpose is to make sure everyone is safe. They do this by going through a very lengthy testing process which we’ll lay out for you right now.

How to check for a safe live casino

To start things of the UK gambling commission will look into the person making an application here. They will look into many areas of this person’s life to make sure everything is above board. They start out by doing an identity check; then they look for any sort criminal history. They follow that up by looking at the applicant’s finances to make sure they can afford to run a casino; and finally they check the applicant has experience in running a casino.

If the applicant meets these requirements the gambling commission will then be happy to look at the site in question. This is the first step to ensuring a safe live casino!

When checking the safety of a live casino the UK gambling commission will start off with the coding. This can be quite a lengthy process sometimes taking months to complete. This is because they need to go through every little bit of the site checking for any bugs. If they find something it needs to be fixed before they can move on. They’ll also look for anything that may have been added that otherwise shouldn’t have been; although this is quite uncommon.

A safe live casino offers fair bonuses

The next step is to take a look at the games and promotions the site will be running. With the games they want to make sure that everything is above board and fair. This will largely mean making sure random number generators and the sorts are in place.

Play safe live casino games

With the promotions this is also about checking they’re fair to players as well. Most promotions come with a minimum playing requirement. This is to stop players making a deposit and withdrawing all the money they receive. The UK gambling commission also want to make sure the playing requirements are for a reasonable length of time. They don’t want player’s going down a never ending rabbit hole chasing an impossible bonus.

With this sorted the final check they need to make is on the business side; namely that player funds and business funds are kept separate. The last thing the commission wants is player money being spent by the site.

This is everything that’s required to get a UK gambling license. As you can see it’s quite a long and tedious process. This is exactly what we want to see though as a license means you can trust this is a safe live casino to play at!

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