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Learn about the many types of live casino software providers


One of the first things any new aspiring live casino player will want to know about is the software. This is simply because choosing the best software means you’re going to be playing in the best games. Of course the problem with this is every player’s opinion on what that is will be a little different. So what we’ll do is tell you about the three live casino software providers we think are best; and let you decide which of the three you prefer!

NetEnt live casino software

First on the list today is NetEnt. NetEnt are a true giant of the online casino world with one third of online site’s now stocking their games. This fact alone should tell you just how much quality NetEnt packs in their games. It doesn’t however tell you the full story!

What has made NetEnt so popular with players is just how user friendly their live casino software is. Everything about their games has been made so intuitive to use. So much so that even if it’s your first time using their software; we dare say you could figure it out how to play their games! When you combine this with the fact NetEnt offers its games in 25 unique currencies and languages; it becomes easy to see why they’re so popular with players!

NetEnt live casino software

 The NetEnt live casino software is probably the first we’d recommend you start with, Mainly because it’s quick and easy to pick up. If however you’re looking to play a wider variety of games; then it may be Microgaming’s live casino software you’d prefer instead.

Microgaming live casino software

Microgaming have been around since the dawn of the online casino era; and throughout this time they’ve remained one of the biggest and most popular gaming developers around!

Arguably the main reasons for this is their extensive range of games which may be the largest in the business. This means if you’re looking to play many of the unique variations of games like Blackjack and Roulette then Microgaming are who you should be thinking about.

It’s not just for the variations that Microgaming offer either; it’s because they offer a lot of the lesser known games as well. These titles include the game of Baccarat as well as the lesser known game of Sic Bo. Either way, if there’s a particular game you’re looking to play the best shot of finding it is with Microgaming!

Playtech live casino software

The final entry on our list here is the Playtech live casino software. This software we’d have to admit is up there with the very best of them on all fronts. For the most part they don’t seem to show any weakness. The quality of these games are high; the range of their games is far reaching, and the dealers are as beautiful as ever.

Playtech live casino

The main selling point of the Playtech live casino games however is for their VIP tables. These tables are really what live casino gaming is all about. Along with everything looking fantastic at these tables there’s also a much lower player to dealer ratio. This means you get a more personal and engaging experience as you play. Plus these games come with some added privacy to! The downside is they do require you to play slightly higher stakes than usual; however you certainly get what you pay.

So if you’re looking to start playing in the live casino games then we’d recommend you start with these. There’s no wrong or right answer here as they all have their uses though. If you’re brand new then NetEnt may be a good starting point; if you’re looking to play some of the lesser known games then you may be better off with Microgaming. Or if you want nothing but the fanciest tables then it’s the Playtech live casino games you’ll be after!

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