Live Dealers

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The live dealer experience

A lot of the time players are travelling to their local casino because they want the experience. They don’t want to feel like they’re playing against a computer. That’s not quite as fun nor is it as engaging. If you’re one of the people who agree with this then you’re in for some great news; now you can get that same rich and engaging experience that regular casinos can offer; but online thanks to live dealer casino games!

Live dealer casino games were the only thing online casinos were missing to make them appeal to everyone. Now a game which is both engaging to players while offering the freedom to play when and where you want is finally here. This is the main point of the live dealer casino games!

The live dealer experience

When we say that live dealer casino games are engaging we truly mean it. We don’t mean you’ll be watching some dealer on the screen who’s simply playing the game out. This is a live dealer who you’ll actually be able to have a free flowing conversation with as you play your favorite games. For this to work all you need to do is enter your message into the chat box provided. The live dealer will then be able to read your message and instead of typing back they can actually talk.

The quality of these live streams means you’ll have no problem whatsoever in hearing what they have to say. This is how free flowing conversations are easily formed at the live dealer tables! It’s also what makes these tables so personal and engaging whenever you sit down to play!

Love casino for players in Ireland and beyond. Below where most of our Online Live Casino players are from in Ireland

  1. Dublin
  2. Galway
  3. Belfast
  4. Limerick
  5. Kilkenny
  6. Cork
  7. Killarney
  8. Kinsale

There’s plenty of live dealers to choose from

One of the biggest selling points of live casino games is the choice. It blows the choice of regular casinos out the water. A large part of this is because live casinos have no space limitations; while another is the increased number of players they have available to them. Either way this means more live dealer tables for you to choose between.

Engage with live casino dealers

Some live casinos can have upwards of 25 live dealer tables ready any waiting to be played at any one time! This is a huge upgrade on the small handful of tables you’re used to receiving at regular ones; plus it allows you to play more than just the classic games you’re used to playing as well.

Even games like online roulette have eight or more unique variations of its game for you to try out. And each one has its very own live dealer waiting to spin the wheel for your pleasure! Not only that; but there will also be multiple live casino tables offering the same game at the same stakes as each other. This gives you a little added choice by letting you pick the dealer that looks most appealing to you!

With live dealer tables you won’t ever be sitting around and waiting to get a seat at the table. Live casinos will always make sure that the player to dealer ratio in their games is small enough that players will still feel like they’re getting their fair share of attention. To make this better some live casinos will even offer live dealer VIP tables as well. These tables offer a private and more personal experience for those wishing to receive one!

Live dealers make the games better

In the end there’s nothing but good things to say about the live dealer tables being offered at live casinos. These tables offer the same engaging experience you’re used to getting while you play; except you’re able to get it from the comforts of your own home!

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