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If you’re gonna start playing at a live casino you’ll want to know about the games first.  Afterall, live casino games are the bread and butter of live casinos. If you like the live casino games on offer then you’re gonna like the live casino. With that said though we can’t imagine there’s going to be anyone out there that isn’t a fan of at least one or two live casino games on offer; they’re really that good!

The first thing we’ll tell you about live casino games is there’s a lot of them! A lot more than you’d typically down your local casino. Live casino games only include table games since that’s the only place you get a live dealer in the casino.

Exciting live casino games

If you’re a fan of the classics you’ll be happy to know there’s an abundance of these games to play. Blackjack and Roulette are the two main games at any live casino however they’re still only a small part of the overall collection. To go with these two you’ll also find their many variations as well. Roulette and Blackjack have at least 10 unique variations of their main game you may be surprised to hear. Live casinos don’t stock every single one on their site; but you can go from site to site quite easily so you’ll have access to them all anyway.

If you’d like to try something completely different; you’ll be happy to hear all of the lesser known games will readily available for you as well. These live casino games include live Baccarat, live Craps, and even live Sic Bo too. The range of live casino games here is far reaching so there should be at least one or two games that will take your fancy!

Live casino games are simple

Playing live casino games couldn’t be any simpler. So simple in fact that after just a few hands we’re sure you’ll feel quite confident in what you’re doing. This is largely because gaming developers have made live casino games so intuitive to use. Even so; we’ll still give you a quick rundown on how these games work so you can get started right away.

Betting at live casinos is easy

You’ll want to start off by first making your way to the live casino lobby. This is where all the available games for that day will be listed. You’ll be able to see each table and its dealer in this lobby; and you only have to click on the game you like the look of most to start its live stream. The live stream you select will show the dealer, the betting table, any equipment, plus a stack of virtual chips.

The betting is generally the same

Making bets on one game or another requires you to do pretty much the exact same thing. You’ll want to start by clicking on the chip that you wish to bet with; and then you’ll want to click once more on the betting table where you’d like to place that chip. In Blackjack that can simply mean clicking in the betting box you’d like the hand to be dealt to; in Roulette it can mean clicking on the number you wish to bet on; and in Baccarat it can be clicking which party you wish to back in the hand.

The premise of betting in the live casino games is very much the same! You also don’t need to worry about clicking in the wrong place as there’s cancel bet buttons clearly displayed incase you make a mistake somewhere! This is all there is to live casino games. Armed with this knowledge you should now be able to confidently jump into the games and know exactly what you’re doing!

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