Live Roulette

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Live Roulette is the new way to play Roulette

If you’re a fan of Roulette you’re really gonna want to listen in here. There’s a fantastic new way for you to get your Roulette fix in called live Roulette! If you’ve played at an online casino before then you’ll already be well equipped to start playing live Roulette; however, even if you haven’t you’ll still find picking up this new format an incredibly easy thing to do.

Live Roulette is all about mixing the best of the Irish online casino world with the best of the real world. What this means is you’ll still get the same personal touch and engaging Roulette experience you’re used to. Except now you’ll be able to get it from the comforts of your own home!

Play live Roulette today

The way this works is live Roulette will be played at either an online or mobile casino. When you log in to the site you’ll be met with various live casino Roulette games for you to choose between. When you select one, the live stream of that game will appear on your screen. This live stream will showcase the dealer; the Roulette wheel, the betting mat, and a stack of virtual chips.

This is a real casino you’ll be seeing on your screen with a real dealer standing in it. The difference is there will be a live streaming camera standing at the table instead of you. This camera will be beaming in everything it sees and hears via a live stream feed. When you hear a sound on your feed it will be happening there and then in the casino. Likewise; as you see the Roulette ball spinning around the wheel it too will be happening in the casino as you see it!

Live Roulette is engaging

These live stream feeds help to create an engaging Roulette experience just like in a regular casino. However now it can be created from home. This isn’t the same as the casino games you see being played on tv either. You will actually be able to talk to these live dealers who are playing out your live casino games.

When you type in a message into the chat box; the dealer will be able to read what you’ve wrote and talk back to you instantly. This makes free flowing conversations at the live Roulette table possible!

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If you’ve played online Roulette before then you’ll already know everything you need to start playing. However, if this is your first time at an online casino then there’s a few things that must be learned.

How to play live Roulette

When you’re signed up to a casino you’ll want to start by entering the live casino games section. This will bring up a list of every game of Roulette that’s available. You may be surprised here to find there’s actually quite a wide selection of games for you to choose from. Classic live Roulette will still be the most offered game. However, there will also be many variations of Roulette which can be chosen as well!

When you’ve selected your table a live stream of that table will pop up on your screen. This will feature your dealer; the betting table, the wheel, and your stack of virtual chips. To make a bet in live Roulette you’ll first want to click on the chip denomination you’d like to bet with. After this you’ll then want to click a second time where on the betting mat you’d like to place this chip.

This is all there is to betting in live Roulette. There’s a few additional betting buttons to help you along; but these are the only basics you’ll need to know!

So if you’d like to get the same experience you’re used to receiving; except at a time and place that’s best for you, then live Roulette is the place for you!

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